How Bed Bugs Can Enter Other Spaces

When we think of or encounter bed bugs, it is easy to think of them as rather stationary and slow critters. However, they can easily travel from space to space, making their way into more rooms as they go. It is pretty easy for them to do so.

So you can stay aware, find out how bed bugs can travel below. When you need to deal with bed bugs in New Hampshire, you can count on Bed Bug New England.




When you come home from your vacation and start unpacking, make sure you look for bed bugs lying about. It is easy for bed bugs to work with suitcases and snuggle in there. They love to travel in such warm and compact spaces filled with human DNA, so always keep an extra eye out when you settle down and unpack.



Though the bed may seem like a hot spot for bed bugs, they love any area that has a high concentration of human DNA. Even your curtains can serve as a hang out for these little creatures. Plus, the curtains can act as a space to carry them from one room to the next. 


Lack of Treatment

If bed bugs are allowed to thrive, they will grow in size and eventually travel to other parts of the house. A simple solution is to just call on your local expert! Here at Bed Bug New England, we offer all kinds of solutions to take care of bed bugs in New Hampshire. They will not be allowed to thrive or spread to any other areas once they are contained.



Bed bugs can become quite the problem once they are given the opportunity to work themselves into your living space. They can certainly move to other spaces, so maintenance is key.

For all of your bed bugs in New Hampshire needs, call on us at Bed Bug New England. Call us at (603)-432-2238!

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