Benefits of a Bedbug Heat Treatment

New Hampshire bedbug heat treatmentDealing with bedbugs can be a truly difficult and annoying experience. When facing such a problem, you will want to be sure that these critters are eliminated completely at the source – and done so completely effectively.

A viable option for bedbug control is a heat treatment. Bed Bug New England offers this service, and we can give you a quality New Hampshire bedbug heat treatment. It has some benefits, to be sure. Observe them below.


Fumigations are commonly used to eliminate pests, but the process can be timely and costly. They also prevent you from visiting your living space while it clears pests out. A bummer.

The heat treatment is much more affordable, since its application and process is made for a contained, specific area. Only the invasion site will be touched, so less energy has to be spent on the process. This leaves you with a smaller bill.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to its unenviable cost and application, fumigation can become dangerous for the living space. Its chemicals or side effects can cause health issues and leave a strong, negative impact on the environment.

With a heat treatment, none of that is a concern. You can take comfort in your elimination being environmentally friendly while getting the job done. Bed Bug New England practices optimal environmentally friendly practices, with a New Hampshire bedbug heat treatment being just one of them.


When you shell out money for a treatment, you want to be sure your time and money are not wasted. Effectiveness is key, and it is imperative that these treatments work well enough to completely eradicate the pest control problem.

Due to its scientific approach and environmentally friendly application, you can count on a heat treatment to be effective. Bedbugs are unable to withstand heat, so once that temperature rises, you can be sure they will not be able to survive the treatment – and your problem will be gone for good.


More expensive treatments are going to require complete evacuation of your living space. If the infestation is widespread, the solution and eradication is going to take up plenty of space and cause problems.

A heat treatment focuses on one specialized area: where the bedbugs are nesting. The treatment does not expand beyond the zone of invasion, so you do not have to worry about any other part of your living space being affected by the treatment. It is a to-the-point, specialized method.


Compared to fumigation, a heat treatment is a snap. You will not have to worry about closing down house for an entire day and can count on the treatment working quickly and effectively.

A proper, well-applied heat treatment will only take a few hours to work its magic and eliminate the pests you are dealing with. We all have other things to get to in our lives, so a quick, effective fix is definitely beneficial!

Using a heat treatment to eliminate bedbugs is very effective, and has a multitude of benefits. When faced with these persistent critters, give us a call at  (603)-432-2238 for a quality New Hampshire bedbug heat treatment!