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What you don’t know about bed bugs

Bed bugs can be a challenge to deal with when you know you have them. However, there is so much wrong information floating around that it can be difficult to tell exactly whether or not you need to call your bed bug specialist or not. One misleading concept that is out there is that you […]

How to avoid bed bugs when you travel

How to avoid bed bugs when you travel

Bed bugs, it seems, are hearty travelers. They can hide out inside your suitcases and clothing and make their way back to your home after a business trip or vacation. It is critical to check yourself and your belongings every time you return from a trip where you may have been staying in a strange […]

Bed Bug Detection and Extermination

Problem with Bedbugs? Heat treatment is the answer!

The infestation rate of bedbugs has skyrocketed since the year 2000, and no one can explain why. Professionals in the pest control industry have been treating more and more bedbug issues. With only 24% treating them in 2000, over 98% treated them in the year 2011. What can be done about these pests? With bedbugs, […]

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Three Gross Facts About Bed Bugs

Just hearing the term “bed bugs” is enough for some people to start scratching their arms and legs and make their skin crawl. These bothersome pests have a fearsome reputation for rampaging through apartment buildings in dense urban areas, and catching rides from overseas travelers in their clothes and luggage and infesting homes in seemingly […]

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Myths About Bed Bugs in NH

When it comes to pest infestations, the last thing a homeowner wants to do is shell out exorbitant amounts of money for a pest control service. Especially when it comes to bed bugs in NH, many are loathe to call in the professionals before trying some DIY magic to try and get rid of their […]

Bed bugs invading your home?

Bed bugs are becoming a serious problem in the United States as exterminators are getting more calls for bed bug extermination. In the United States alone, calls to the professionals have gone from just a few a year to well over 100 a year. So who do you call? The professionals at Bed Bug New […]

Having problems with bed bugs in New Hampshire?

If you are having problems with bed bugs in New Hampshire, don’t panic. Bed bugs have become very problematic in the United States over the last 10 years, but cutting-edge technology is slowly turning the table. This cutting-edge technology is the newest approach in bedbug eradication. It is a 100% ‘green’ method, and within a […]

Bed bugs are a problem in the US

But this problem can be solved with one quick call to Bed Bug NE. If you are wondering how to kill bed bugs, contact the pros at Bed Bug New England .The pros at Bed Bug New England have been killing bed bugs for 27 years, and they tell us that the problem is growing. […]

Are you considering heat fumigation treatment?

If you recently discovered that you have bed bugs in NH, you need to call the team at Bed Bug New England. As with any pests, the earlier you address the situation the better. There are many questions that people have about bedbugs, and which process is most effective. Heat fumigation treatment is a superior […]

How Can I Rid My Home or Office of Bed Bugs?

Bed bug fumigation has become a problem; a problem nobody wants, and one you want to get completed as soon as it is discovered. Many people believe that bed bugs are only found in ‘unkept’ places. NOT TRUE!  They can be found in a well kept, humble home, or a 5 star hotel. Bed bugs […]