Common Bed Bug Attractors and Environments

bed bugs in New HampshireAnyone who has dealt with bed bugs can attest that they are very persistent, difficult creatures to contend with. They need to be contained or eliminated, and enlisting a pest control expert is a great way to get the problem out of the way. Knowing how you can prevent an invasion or make it less severe can be just as important as dealing with the invasion itself, however.

A big part of this is understanding what attracts these pests and eliminating these attractors. Below, learn more about what can bring bed bugs to your living space. For quality assistance with bed bugs in New Hampshire, contact Bed Bug New England!

1.) Linens

This is a huge part of why they have their name. Bed bugs enjoy settling into linens and beds in general because they are areas with high concentrations of DNA – which is very attractive to bed bugs.

Of course, sleeping with no linens is not going to make your rest comfortable. This is one of the attractors you should simply keep clean and keep an eye out for, rather than remove entirely.

2.) Clothing

Your closet is just as inviting as your bed for similar reasons. You leave your mark on your clothing, and the result is plenty of DNA being present. Bed bugs will make their way to the closet if they get settled enough.

Be sure to consistently wash your clothing, and look for bugs. This is especially true when you are returning from a vacation: bed bugs love to travel, and make themselves at home in your suitcase with ease.

3.) Furniture

If you spend plenty of time on a certain piece of furniture, it is bound to be very attractive to bed bugs. This is something more uncommon than linens and clothing for bed bugs to dwell in, but can be vulnerable nonetheless. Be sure to do a full sweep of your living space when you start noticing an invasion.

4.) Flooring Cracks

Should your flooring have some cracks in its foundation, bed bugs may find themselves comfortable within them. It is an easy way to sneak into a living space, and will certainly provide plenty of travel for them.

Flooring condition is important for the safety and wellness of your living space beyond bed bugs, so be sure to address any damages to your flooring as soon as you are able.

5.) Clutter

Though clutter and messiness is not something that solely attracts bed bugs, they certainly enjoy it. The amount of clutter allows them to hide in messes with ease, and can keep them very safe and well-hidden. So, keep a clean living space. It is a great habit to have, and will help with all kinds of issues within your living space.

Dealing with bed bugs can be an exhaustive and highly involved process – not to mention frustrating. However, it can be prevented if you are armed with enough knowledge if you keep them at bay.

Know the common attractors and areas, and you are sure to have your bed bug problem under control with the help of a professional. When you are dealing with bed bugs in New Hampshire, give us a call at (603)-432-2238!