Effects of a Bed Bug Infestation

Once bed bugs make their way into your living space, it leads to plenty of effects in the affected area. It is important to keep things under control, and contact a bed bug expert.

Be aware of these effects, and contact Bed Bug New England any time you need to get rid of bed bugs in New Hampshire.




After a bit of getting comfortable, bed bugs will have no problem getting used to your living space and making themselves at home. Bed bugs, more likely than not, are going to lay eggs and create nests within their new living space.

A heat treatment is the best option for eliminating this mess, and we are an excellent company dealing with bed bugs in New Hampshire that offers this effective treatment.


Physical Remnants

Nests and eggs are not the only physical reminders that bed bugs are present. They tend to shed a lot, so they will be leaving some of themselves behind.

They tend to leave their shells and other body parts around, and it can make the infestation an even bigger mess.


Body Marks

The most common and irritating effect of a bed bug invasion will be plain to see. Once a bed bug bites, the attacked area will swell and become very itchy.

This is easily the worst part for the home owner facing a bed bug invasion, and is a huge effect to deal with.



In addition to their shedding, bed bugs can leave other physical reminders of their presence. Fecal and blood stains are common with bed bugs, and can be left on the floors of the area of invasion.

This is definitely one of the more annoying aspects of an invasion.



Keep an eye out for these bed bug invasion effects, and be sure to contact us at (603) 432-2238 whenever you need to deal with bed bugs in New Hampshire.

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