Common Bed Bug Mistakes People Make

Something as delicate, precise, and timely as bed bug removal should be taken seriously and done effectively – which comes at no easy cost. The temptation is always there to save money and do things yourself. It is hard to disagree: saving money is advantageous, so you cannot blame others for trying! However, professionals are around for a reason: they know how to do it correctly. Below, observe some common mistakes people make when it comes to dealing with bed bugs. When you have to eliminate bed bugs in New Hampshire, Bed Bug New England are here to help!


1.) Going DIY

Some things, like fashion, are made to be customized or constructed by you and given a custom touch. Something as delicate as pest control, though? Not so much! Going DIY may seem to save you plenty of money in the beginning, but will actually cost you much more – you will have to enlist the service of professionals to effectively clean up your mess left after inadequate elimination. A professional is always going to do the best job possible, since they are well-trained and know how to remove bed bugs properly.

2.) Ineffective methods

This often goes hand in hand with deciding to try and eliminate pests yourself. There may be a spray or tips you have read online that sound like they will work – and they may, for a short while. However, they are not sustainable. Simply washing your linens or spraying them with a solution will not effectively prevent them from returning.

3.) Limited exploration

Believe it or not, bed bugs do not hang out in just beds. They are heavily attracted to any space that has plenty of human DNA, so you can find them in living rooms, closets, and other human-friendly spaces. To effectively assess how much of a bed bug problem you are dealing with, you must look around your entire living space. Too often, people just look at their beds and assume it ends there. Try to explore a bit and see just how big the issue is!

4.) Hiring ineffective professionals

Though they often know best, some professionals are simply not up to par. When shopping around for a pest control expert, be sure to do your research and see what methods they use. After all, if it is not effective, it is not going to help your problem. You can trust Bed Bug New England to have quality services that are not only cost and environmentally friendly, but effective – so give us a call when you need to deal with bed bugs in New Hampshire.

5.) Letting the problem manifest

Sure, it is easy to eliminate one single bed bug. They are not super powerful beings, and it nips the problem in the bud. However, this is only for the time being. Too often, people simply wash linens or get rid of bugs in other ways and do not pay attention after. This can result in a larger population, further damage, and a more complicated removal process. Be sure to get your bed bug solution started early.


When dealing with bed bugs, it is best to be prepared and not make common mistakes. Be sure to follow the tips above, and you will can say goodbye to this tricky problem.

For quality removal of bed bugs in New Hampshire, you can rely on us. Give them a call at (603)-432-2238!

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