Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a revolutionary new eradication method that has been proven efficient and eco-friendly by experts worldwide. It has been engineered to be so straightforward and safe that after some light clean-up, your house will be in tip-top shape immediately after treatment. This 100% GREEN Method will eliminate bed bug infestations at all stages of life in only a few hours. If you are looking for the safest, most cost-effective alternative to chemical fumigation, look no further than Bed Bug New England to safely and efficiently rid your home or rental property of bed bugs for good!

The Effectiveness of Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a natural and effective way to get rid of a bed bug. In fact, exposure to high temperatures for about fifteen minutes can kill an adult bug. For useful results, a temperature of over 125 degrees Fahrenheit gets maintained for three to five hours. It is a proven safe way to ensure full extermination of the insect. In this situation, most of the time exterminators have the ability to completely avoid using dangerous and toxic chemicals in your home or rental property. Some bed bug terminations will require a fumigation process to go with the heat treatment, but not always. With a successful one-time effort from an experienced professional, you can be rid of these nasty little critters permanently.

Is Fumigation Still Necessary?

Fumigation is not always required, but some jobs compel us to add it to our heat treatment. Bed Bug New England uses one of the most widely respected gas fumigants available to professionals called Zythor. Sulfuryl fluoride is the active ingredient in this fumigation agent that has a 50 year proven track record of eliminating insect pests. Ensystex has been in operation since 1994 and has continued the mission giving larger chemical companies a run for their money. They are a company that was started by pest control operators for the sole purpose of developing pest control products. Bed Bug New England is a proud supporter and licensed handler of their exceptional fumigation products.